Against Modern Inquisition!

The year 2020 continues! Along with silly news about new rules for receiving an Oscar (gender and racial quotas), yesterday a large part of facebook as well as instagram was hit with shaft of life-long (!) bans of unwanted people and organizations (the FB administration mailed us that this is the “final decision” in order to prevent using this social media by certain persons). Digital concentration camp 2020!

Our accounts – MZ, M8L8TH, Whisper of Runes, as well as our private profiles were lost, so now the only truly reliable way of communication is telegram: – MILITANT ZONE – Heretic Camp – Thuleseeker from М8Л8ТХ – WJ

and our internet pages: (in a few weeks we plan to carry out huge technical work and fully update it!) (a lot of merch and all our music in stock!)

And, of course –


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