UPDATE! The plague of 2020 feasts among the ruins, the darkness gathers! The new rules of quarantine in Ukraine impose restrictions on weekend events, but we are prepared!

HERETIC FEST will take place on Friday, December 11, one day ahead of the previously announced date. The event starts at 17:00! You’ll find out its location from your friends or from where you’ve bought tickets!

The Heretics Camp is battle ready – as the mystical Yule Night approaches, the lights will turn on and the bands that withstood whirlwinds of 2020 will get on the stage!

The borders are in fact closed, but KVLT must go on, which means that on December 12 the following bands will participate in our ritual-musical action:

M8L8TH – Militant Black Metal – the headliner of the event
BERGRIZEN – HelCarpathian Black Metal from Kyiv
PAGANLAND – the oldest among the participants of the festival, Lwiw
WOLFTOMB – the New Blood from Kyiv
AKVLT RITUAL – the ritual ending of the festival

The number of guests is limited due to well-known reasons – only 300 people will be able to get into the club. You can preorder them via official website or buy them at Militant Store on the Maidan at Shevchenko Street 5 (the store works without a schedule, but you can always get into it by acquaintance or just writing to the @MilitantZonebot telegram bot).

For any questions and details about purchasing tickets – , you can also write to our mail [email protected] or to VK (use VPN) –

The Wild Hunt is coming! #HereticFest