M8L8TH – Witches Fog (2012)

This winter we are preparing something special. For the first time in M8L8TH’s history, a DVD edition will be released. It will include the «Black wing» set, archive footage from 2004, 2008 and 2012. In fact, it will be a whole DVD with videos not available for posting on social networks. The censorship issue doesn’t allow putting all these archives in the public domain, therefore they will be available on physical media.



This video was recorded at the beginning of 2012 at Hexenhammer Fest. An interesting fact is that everything happened at dawn, since M8L8TH was closing the festival. The unforgettable special atmosphere of this concert will be remembered forever, since it was the first large-scale performance of the group, after which AsgardsRei III and other festivals followed.