M8L8TH - By the Wing of Black (2004)










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The first full-length album from M8L8TH, recorded at the turn of 2003-2004, needs no introduction, being the real foundation of the group, standing on which it was already impossible not to become one of the iconic bands on the modern radical scene. Instead of a review, we will give only fragments from a variety of reviews describing the impact of the album on listeners and the scene.

“.. with this album, the M8l8th division sets a new level in this genre, beautifully, sincerely and very personally, an album of those that do not get bored.”

“Here one hears a truly poetic view of the modern world and a misunderstanding of its dogmas.
The music, of course, is incredible. A whirlwind of a wide variety of techniques in almost every song will not leave the listener indifferent, or we will return all the burned Jews to you money! However, almost anyone who has already listened to this album will agree with me. The lyrical “Under a Shooting Star”, the almost crazy “Instilling Fear” is just a super-generator of combat energy. The album is played so professionally and masterfully that you are amazed. In my opinion it deserves to be one of the best albums in the genre, if not the best.”

“I have never been a supporter of National Socialism … but such flashes of really sober, beautiful, strong creativity sometimes make me look at this ideology a little differently. I hope that there will be more such bands and albums in the future .

All eight songs (or 7, if you don’t count the “Prologue”) of the album are remembered almost from the first time and leave a favorable impression, although there are “subsidences” here and there, forcing you to angrily exclaim: “Damn, what is this!”. But they do not make special weather. The author is even ready to forgive all the flaws only for one chic song “Instilling Fear”, which he savored for several days, apparently hoping to drive it into his brain. However, it is good that he does not yet wake up in the middle of the night with a raised “Heil!” hand, guided by incomprehensible impulses emanating from the brain.

“As a result, we get a furious black metal, fast paced, with an amazing shrike by vocalist Alexei. His performance is commendable, it perfectly conveys all the feelings, makes the music in general more memorable. It is worth noting the lyrics of Alexei, they are full of metaphors, arouse the listener’s pride . ”

“Black Wing is, in my opinion, the best that came out in the genre of black in the 21st century.”

“The Black Wing album is undoubtedly one of the brightest releases of National Socialist black metal. It makes the group one of the best in the genre not only in Russia, but throughout Europe. Recommended for listening to everyone who is not indifferent to black metal -metal.”

“.. the album is a masterpiece in every respect and is recommended to everyone, regardless of musical tastes and preferences. Of course, blacksters, I think, will be simply delighted. And I almost forgot the band is a Pagan Front Member and the release was released on Stellar Winter Records.
P.S On the disc, as I said, there is a rehearsal demo that contains such tracks not included on the album as “Sons of the Russian Land” and “Guardian of the Forest”. In general, an absolute must-have!
P.P.S I dare say that this album is one of the best releases of 2004, not only on the domestic stage, but in general.”