MOLAT - "Dum Spiro Spero" (2020)










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The idea of creating this material appeared several years ago. Its concept was born from an ancient Latin saying which lives immortally because of its laconic relevance for the most worthy ones, which follow their goal to the last breath. While continuing the process of creative collaboration with B. Kaldrad it was jointly decided that all the album’s lyrics would belong to him and would be rather conceptual. But he didn’t have time to do that because of his death at late spring of 2019. Nevertheless, after Kaldrad’s death it was made a decision to finish this work – it was a duty of Honor and Memory to this great man, our common impulse, which had to be realized and the completion of one more important work for ourselves. The most of lyrics Kaldrad managed to provide while missing part was selected by meaning from his notes after his death. More than a year has passed since Kaldrad is not with us in physical embodiment, so we present this album as a dedication, as a one more carefully forged tip of the creative spear that pierces minds and hearts with a sharp thought and relevant message! Listen, think over, follow! Dum Spiro Spero!