ZAZEN SOUND - "Dharma & Alchemy" (2020)


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ZAZEN SOUND, 2020 – ZZS 045
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:Dharma & Alchemy:

Nothing is more dangerous than an untamed mind. Especially in these modern days with all this multitude of distractions and diversions.

The daily rat race at work, the constant bombardement with advertisements for things one does not need at all in the end, the loss of familiar structures and the steady decline of values such as respect for nature and life itself lead many into depression and alienation.

The Sanskrit word „ Dharma“ means „Nature of Reality“. Working with one´s own mind (concentration/meditation) together with morality and wisdom, will lead to the final realization of one´s mind and put an end to distractio and suffering ( Transformation/Alchemy).

This is the work of likeminded artists from all over the world who are either influenced by the Dharma or even practicing the Dharma in their daily life.

Thanks and gratitude to all who made this possible: Jarek, for the ideas, the great music & the contacts, Nikolaos and ZaZen Sounds for giving us such a wonderful platform to release our music, Dan for his incredible artwork & music. Especially to you the artists who contributed tracks.

May it be beneficial. May all beings be free from… more
released February 9, 2020