WAR: How you can help us

Our team is defending Kyiv from Putin’s Orcs starting from the first day of War in Ukraine.
The enemy outnumbers us, but our faith in victory is unbreakable.
For ones who wish to help us financially without using the banking system (especially relevant for residents of Russian Federation and Belarus), we created a crypto wallet.

  • BTC (BTCK-ERC20) – 0xe0d3059817137ee8a850362f12b84ed3e5a742f3
  • ETH (ETH-ERC20) – 0xe0d3059817137ee8a850362f12b84ed3e5a742f3
  • USDT (TRC20) – TGqdctEqhdKdaCtTfL8PMTGyu8hr3wohfL
  • DASH – 7hzhefwkS1qQ8D9YEGf16J3JEe3kGAFnwq
  • LTC – 3R1QibmUdXFADWriJNF5w7Mbu3MFjxFvYx
  • BCH – 3G1xrByifSgztb1HCDVKSehhBGdKPF6D2R
  • SOL – CSedVpxyEpQiS7tiqt9wQgC4vpDLRnziWMpKNTsxLHSx
  • TON – EQBfAN7LfaUYgXZNw5Wc7GBgkEX2yhuJ5ka95J1JJwXXf4a8:921718
  • ADA – Ae2tdPwUPEYwpz78ZSZHWsYPxpSoEZpmLRcwXyxb6vDx57GeyxwDAcG5fHM
  • ZEC – t3U87ahGehoPMnVHx1ge69F2xdBjCbRXFCJ
  • NEO – NiFdK5tLKhvTzEvLXsq5jhZpDuLRu9DVaP
  • XMR – 84S9umA6rkQgVGTQA2bs7ZQtr1UqaCMRPErWFZud2DMvGoCTZgoPe7jCwmdTcXEjazCVzbW7mtPp2hCXWUit3sJkUKdtRB1
  • DOGE – A3u9Ci2y9VaKTUJX84yqyTTiraK4RKxUkg
  • SAMO – CSedVpxyEpQiS7tiqt9wQgC4vpDLRnziWMpKNTsxLHSx

(Make sure that your adresses support the corresponding networks before the transactions)

You can also send donations to Monobank debit card: 5375414127386570
(Pavlyshyn Yurii Danylovych / Павлишин Юрiй Данилович)
Requisites SWIFT (EUR)
IBAN: UA033220010000026201307549358
Account No: 26201307549358

To transfer from abroad, you can use BestChange.com, or any similar service convenient to you.
Or you can simply place and pay for a “formal order” on our website (leaving a note that this is “support”, you are making a money transfer for gratuitous charitable purposes).

P.S. Of course, in the conditions of a full-scale War in Ukraine, our store cannot send orders (with the exception of orders for digital releases), but we will definitely ship your orders as soon as we can do it.

We’ll be really grateful for your support!