KATAXU - Roots Thunder (2000)












First full-lenhgt album of polish kult


1. IntroInstrumental2. My Name from the ForestAnimal breath leads alarminglyArdusing the concience of possession of a haze — forgotten property…To hidden moment in which you standFurther than the sense and fear allowThe truth shudders from you — covered with a lie.Closer and closerMy frozen hearts — increases the higher meaningAnd the energy spirits from the bottom of the Kataxu abyssThe truth shudders from you — it knows that it was hidden to confineNow it’s my turn — to enter the taste of instinctNow it’s my turn — to destroy the fast circles…Deeper understaning of time…Transfiguration of original IPulsing vibrations — an art above the thick eddies of torents.I am the abstract prospectI am the mirror of birdsLooking at your glare take my steel and hear my screamAmong the words I can’t catch up with — great desire- What is my former name?- Get deeper and recognize your sign!- I can’t see but the Earth caress me!- Your pagan faith will lead you!…Torn parts of the mysteries, catching by the hungerBehind me they are submerged…I am swimming but when the peace decreases in waveOf the forest, I will find my name from the forestAgain with each tremble of my soulI will find itMy name from the forest!3. WarInstrumental4. Roots ThunderThe bullet of the height environment in shortening daysOf thorny blasphemies, the thought disperses bones but the dust is not silentEnding the performance, this is the stigma which is rised above another timeI curse by blind candle through the furthest pastWhere the sound of horses looks for the slates of vertical- What a great hanged man in the reflection of tribes- What sweet are the traces of thrombosis in rooty incarnationsFast curve to immortality of the armsMoth moves its life but who takes her handTo make it look at a creature of its transformations- I am looking for a mask through the forgotten land…And you who come uninvited!- I am here!- Hunt me! Because I have never met colourness of freedomOh my laughter, parapsychical murdersDo you scream because of hunger?- Oh yes!I will be listening to you; I will sing the former despair to you….The dolls are crying again!- Enjoy yourself!- This palace is yours….And where is the love?- You fool!The only one I knew is the paranoia to foold.Your war of the waving blind is covered with dustCaress with the power of silent white and dream about healingLick all your wounds in dependence on underfeelings- Do not ask for more!…Because as a pagan mother…All my fingers as eternal wolfs,Efficency of peace I releaseI as an old man and my couns are counted years ago.I as a hatred writing hand dispersed feather traces on cosmic sandI as height environment’s faithI as long ages of war- With purple of blood rise our swords!- Because the ancient hatred is inside us!- It is our peace!5. NawiaInstrumental