Two Months of a full-scale War

Two months of a full-scale war – from the first day, February 24th, the MZ team was in the ranks of the Defense of Kyiv – at that moment it seemed a truly Tragic and Fateful instant: philistines car columns fleeing the city, air raid sirens, rocket arrivals and, of course, news from the borders, …

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WAR: How you can help us

Our team is defending Kyiv from Putin’s Orcs starting from the first day of War in Ukraine. The enemy outnumbers us, but our faith in victory is unbreakable. For ones who wish to help us financially without using the banking system (especially relevant for residents of Russian Federation and Belarus), we created a crypto wallet. …

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Against Modern Inquisition!

The year 2020 continues! Along with silly news about new rules for receiving an Oscar (gender and racial quotas), yesterday a large part of facebook as well as instagram was hit with shaft of life-long (!) bans of unwanted people and organizations (the FB administration mailed us that this is the “final decision” in order …

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