Two Months of a full-scale War

Two months of a full-scale war – from the first day, February 24th, the MZ team was in the ranks of the Defense of Kyiv – at that moment it seemed a truly Tragic and Fateful instant: philistines car columns fleeing the city, air raid sirens, rocket arrivals and, of course, news from the borders, …

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From Finland to the Brothers of Ukraina

Heretic camp presents you with an initiative from Finnish brothers. The music collection “Suomesta veljille Ukrainan“, recorded in order to support the armed resistance of Ukraine. All proceeds go to support Ukraine. Digital version out soon from Militant Zone. CD version a couple of weeks later. The compilation features unreleased tracks from Goatmoon, Sielunvihollinen, Circle of Dawn, Norhem, Pyhä …

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WAR: How you can help us

Our team is defending Kyiv from Putin’s Orcs starting from the first day of War in Ukraine. The enemy outnumbers us, but our faith in victory is unbreakable. For ones who wish to help us financially without using the banking system (especially relevant for residents of Russian Federation and Belarus), we created a crypto wallet. …

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HERETIC FEST II – 18.12.2021

  Militant Zone as a label and event organizer has been very active in the last years. Iconic Asgardsrei Festival, first started in Moscow, and organized since 2012 is a name of its own and the bands being released on the label are in the avant-garde of ideological black metal underground. Heretic Fest is another …

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M8L8TH – Witches Fog (2012)

This winter we are preparing something special. For the first time in M8L8TH’s history, a DVD edition will be released. It will include the «Black wing» set, archive footage from 2004, 2008 and 2012. In fact, it will be a whole DVD with videos not available for posting on social networks. The censorship issue doesn’t …

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M8L8TH VIDEO – My Native Land

My native land – the anthem, performed on the Asgardsrei 2019 stage on the second day of the concert.   https://drive.google.com/file/d/10N_Jes9rQojiTvPRsHOmQc3yuSLXM7AF/view?usp=sharing use this link to download our video for shaing in the social networks


UPDATE! The plague of 2020 feasts among the ruins, the darkness gathers! The new rules of quarantine in Ukraine impose restrictions on weekend events, but we are prepared! HERETIC FEST will take place on Friday, December 11, one day ahead of the previously announced date. The event starts at 17:00! You’ll find out its location …


Against Modern Inquisition!

The year 2020 continues! Along with silly news about new rules for receiving an Oscar (gender and racial quotas), yesterday a large part of facebook as well as instagram was hit with shaft of life-long (!) bans of unwanted people and organizations (the FB administration mailed us that this is the “final decision” in order …

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Moloth 2020 EP review

“Theozoloology”, published in 1905 in Frankfurt, was one of the most outstanding and important works of Austrian thinker Lanz von Liebenfels. It became very significant within esoteric systems of Armanism and Ariosophy, continuing and improving the teachings of Gnosticism. And now, 115 years later, the release of M8l8th’s “Teorassologie” reexamines the ideas of ex-Cistercian priest, …

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“Darkness will open the gates, Gates of the Underworld, And flows of cold air will raise spirits from grim ancient tomb.”Hear the screams of terror, Akvlt is ready to premiere their new slasher “Alaf Sal Fena!”:    



  M8L8TH set     STUTTHOF set     WODULF set         Over the past several years ASGARDSREI has grown into the largest (and certainly the most radical) Black Metal festival in Eastern Europe. In the winter days when the night is the darkest, Kiev welcomes heretics from all over the world …

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Whisper of Runes – “Minnesang”

Next week we’re going to present the track “Minnesang” from the forthcoming Whisper of Runes album. The song of True Love – the sign of Heretics of all times, confronting dirty crowd in past and present. For now, you can hear a short fragment that only slightly unveils the beauty of new material.

М8Л8ТХ о гибели Кальдрада

Вороны и серебристых далей пряди – сколь ближе родина – столь яростней дерзанья, в чём золото испепелённого скитанья? находим впереди себя – смеясь над тем, что было ране…” – из написанного Кальдрадом пару лет назад. Борис сочинял строки для М8Л8ТХ, которые мы обязательно разовьем в нашем творчестве, в память этого великого Творца. Много чего еще …

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Music & Merch Show More About Величайшая из ныне существующих русских NSBM-групп возникла в Твери зимой 2002-2003 годах благодаря стараниям Алексея (вокал) и Михаила (бас-гитара) изначально под другим названием. Ударником группы стал Иван, лидер тверского блэк-метал-проекта Hagl. После окончательного утверждения названия проекта (которое расшифровывается как Молот Гитлера) парни приступают к первым репетициям. 8 июня 2003 …

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ASGARDSREI 2018 – epilogue Despite martial law being declared in Ukraine, despite Asgardsrei pages being banned several times this year we managed to pull through our largest festival so far: 2 days, 14 bands and 1500 fans from all over Europe. Thanks for your support folks and see you all next December. Tons of professional …

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